The Murder of Ryan Adam Moon

 Feb 2010 - The Texas Rangers 

In Feb, 2010, Adam's mother's attorney contacted The Texas Rangers on her behalf.  Karen got a phone call from them.  We cannot recall the name, we believe it was pronounced Burney, but spelled different.  He said he would assign the case to someone to investigate.  We were so excited that the Texas elite would help us.  

Soon after, Karen got a call from Ranger Brian Burney.  He told her he had the evidence and was reviewing it.  He asked her to have me email him some documents I have.  I did.  I emailed him 2 other times, once to give him more information, and I asked for a reply to let me know how the case was going.  He did not respond so I emailed him again asking specifically for a reply to verify he got my documents.  Nothing, no reply.  He did call Karen once or twice more.  

In May, 2010, Odessa American news reporter Jim Mustian spoke with Ranger Burney.  Burney denied all knowledge.  The same day Burney called Karen twice from an unknown number.  Once to ask her about a tape recording he thought I had, and a second time just to let her know he was working on the case.  She has not heard from him since, nor has he returned Karen's calls. 

This is the same Texas Ranger Brian Burney that is heard threatening "kopbusters" Barry Cooper over the infamous Odessa marijuana grow house sting operation.  Cooper captured OPD's illegal activites on video tape.  Ranger Burney did everything he could to investigate, including looking for Coopers DNA on an envelope.  Thanks to Brian Burney's hard work, Cooper was arrested on a class B misdemeanor.  The charges were later dropped.  Brian Burney can spend countless hours and tax dollars for a class B misdemeanor but cannot investigate a murder. 


May 2010 - Meeting with District Attorney Bobby Bland

In May 2010, Bobby Bland agreed to meet with my family.  Since Karen and I were wrongfully subpoenaed and could not attend the trial, he agreed to show us the evidence against Christopher Lyson.  I tried to take a tape recorder in, but it was quickly confiscated by the guards.  I did not try to hide it.  Had it made it past the metal detectors, I had planned to ask if I could record. 

Bobby Bland was very upset that we had said negative things about him in the Odessa American comment section.  He said his wife reads those comments and it upset her.  Most of the time Bobby Bland talked about Bobby Bland.  When ADA Cunningham tried to speak about the trial, Bland cut him off quickly. 

We didn't learn anything we didn't already know about the case, but I happened to mention to Bland that I had spoke with one of the jurors the day of the acquittal.  He already knew it.  It so happens the juror's son plays ball with Bland's son and the juror had already told him.  That didn't particularly bother me.  Bland didn't try the case, an ADA did.  To my knowledge this juror didn't know the ADA, but this is the same juror that has since trashed my family in the OA comments and also on this website.  You can read her snide remarks by clicking on the Guestbook link on the left. 

Since then, I have found out another one of the jurors lives 2 doors down from Sarah Fontenot.   I know it's a small town, but for pete's sake!  I don't imagine Fontenot was mentioned during voir dire, but I would hope as soon as Fontenot came in, if  the juror recognized her he would have spoke up.  I am not saying anything shady went on with the jury, but honestly, I can't help but wonder, did they intentionally try an innocent man, but knew in advance he would be acquitted?  Surely not, that's too far fetched for even me to believe.     

May 2011 - Round Two with OPD

In May 2011, I sent a letter to Chief Burton asking him to reopen the case.  I got a response from Lt. Eddie Reed informing me that Chief Burton had instructed him to review the case and address my concerns.  In his final letter he DID NOT address any of my very specific concerns.  I have blotted out certain names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses for privacy.   Lt. Reed's 2 letters are posted below, my letter to Chief Burton follows.          

1st letter from Lt. Eddie Reed

Lt. Reed's final letter - my letter to Chief Burton is below

My letter to Chief Burton pg1 

Burton letter pg2

Burton letter pg3

Burton letter pg4

January, 2012

A few months ago, I sent a Texas Public Information Request to DA Bobby Bland requesting a copy of the "discovery" that was turned over to Christopher Lyson's attorney.  From that, I got police reports, witness statements, and other documents that provided new information we were not aware of. 

The new information compelled me to once again write OPD Police Chief Timothy Burton.  I asked Chief Burton to provide answers as Lt. Reed said he would, but didn't.  I asked him to reveal what Adam's family and 12 jurors overlooked, or reopen the investigation.  As of February 17, 2012 OPD has yet to respond.  Below is a copy of the letter 7 page letter and 3 additional pages I added for impact.      


Burton letter pages 3 and 4

Burton letter page 5 

Burton Letter page 6

Burton Letter Page 7

Witness Statement from ER Nurse Brenda Campbell


Witness Statement from ER Nurse Rosemary Garza

Hospital ER Records (note in additional history - Jamayea Brockett told hospital staff that Adam was arguing with a "friend" who stabbed him.