The Murder of Ryan Adam Moon

The Keystone Kops (part 1)

Keystone Kops noun \ki:steun 'kops\  A group of police officers who appear in films made in the 1920s.  They make a lot of mistakes and do stupid but funny things.  Also, a person noted for bungling inefficiency. 

mis·take noun \mə-ˈstâk\  A wrong action or statement proceeding from faulty judgment, inadequate knowledge, or inattention.

ac·ci·dent noun \ˈak-sə-dənt, -ˌdent; ˈaks-dənt\  An unfortunate event resulting especially from carelessness or ignorance. 

co·in·ci·dence noun \kō-ˈin(t)-sə-dən(t)s, -sə- ˌden(t)s\  A sequence of events that although accidental seems to have been planned or arranged.      

As I read the police reports that I got through a Freedom of Information request, I was shocked.  It sounded like it could be text for a Keystone Kops film.  It would be very funny if it wasn’t about my dead nephew.  There are too many mistakes, accidents, and coincidences in this case for ANYONE to believe ANYTHING about it is valid.  From the moment they were notified, OPD bungled the investigation. 

Det. Stanford was sent to the wrong hospital by mistake.  Cpls. Rusty Martin and Gary Potter accidentally went to the wrong crime scene.  Their bungling continued to the very end, when during their interview with Christopher Lyson, Stanford’s recorder broke at coincidentally the very minute Det. Enriquez left the room.  Yeah, right.      

The following story is a chronological sequence of events taken directly from police reports, witness statements, trial testimony, and media interviews.  This is the outlandish tall tale these thugs sold to the bungling detectives, along with their own stupid antics, and the tale that the Keystone Kops believed, so much so, that they put a man on trial for his life based on this ridiculous bunch of lies. 

Just so you’ll know I’m not making this up, below the story is the reference.  Click on the links on the left to verify it.  I’m working on getting all the reports on line.  Some are already there.  Pardon the grammar.  It’s intentional for effect.   


Adam was mad because he had loaned Jamayea’s friend, Terrance some money to help him get back on his feet, and Terrance didn’t pay him back. (1)  It was just a simple fight between friends and no weapons were involved.  Adam and Terrance were swinging and missing.  It was funny.   Jamayea joined in the fight and hit Terrance on the head with something. (1,2)

Adam and Terrance started rolling around in the street and on the grass, but miraculously, not one single grass or oil stain got on Adam’s white shorts.  While Adam was on the ground and Terrance was on top of him, Jamayea saw a white dude, a total stranger, run up, kneel down, and stab Adam. (1)  The white stranger somehow managed to stab Adam in the stomach instead of stabbing Terrance in the back. (1,2,4,5,6,7) 

Terrance and the stranger jumped up and ran to Terrance’s girlfriend Sarah’s Altima, and Terrance, Sarah, and the stranger sped away. (1)  Even though Terrance had just sped away in the Altima, Adam somehow managed to ask Terrance why his homeboy stabbed him.  Before he headed to the hospital, Adam took a few extra minutes to shake hands with Terrance (who wasn’t even there) and assured him they were still cool with each other. (1,2,6)   

Adam ran up to his car and told Jamayea to run him to the hospital because he’d been stabbed.  (3) Or, maybe she ran over to him and helped him up, depending on which of her versions you believe. (1)  I guess Jamayea couldn’t really remember how that happened either. 

Terrance, Sarah, and their friend Chris (the stranger) stopped at their friend Money’s house so Terrance could vomit, then they headed home to play with their puppy. (1,2,6)  Instead of calling 911, Jamayea drove Adam to ORH.  During the drive, Adam asked Jamayea why the white dude had to stab him like that.  (1)

By the time they got to the hospital,  Jamayea forgot that she saw the stranger stab Adam, and she forgot that Adam had just told her the white dude stabbed him, and so she told the ER that Adam was arguing with a friend who stabbed him. (8)

Adam accidentally blamed Terrance too because he couldn’t really see who stabbed him. (1,6)  Adam couldn’t remember that he told Jamayea the white dude stabbed him because he was high on drugs and wounded, (9) so he told 2 ER nurses that Jamayea’s friend Terrance did it. (1,6,10,11,12)

Rosemary in the ER called the kops and reported that they had a stab victim in the ER, but OPD didn’t think is was a priority, so they didn’t send anyone. (13)  Jamayea called her friends Kendra and Angela to come be with her at the hospital, so Kendra and Angela and some others came up to the ER. (14,15) 

After a second call, Cpl. Craig Goodson was finally sent to ORH.  The caller also told the kops that there was a large group of people in the waiting room but nobody would give them any information on the stabbing. (10,13)    

Adam died while Goodson was on his way to ORH so Goodson called his supervisor.  When Goodson got there, he interviewed the ER nurses and took their statements.  Both nurses told him that Adam said that Terrance did it. (10,11,12)   

Sgt. Paul Shepherd accidentally sent Det. Shelly Stanford to Medical Center Hospital.  Stanford rerouted to ORH once they figured out the police call log said Odessa Regional Hospital and also had a street address for ORH. (1,13)

Cpls. Rusty Martin and Gary Potter went to meet Jamayea at the crime scene, but they accidentally went to the wrong address too.  They swept the premise (they went to Adam’s house) to look for other victims but they couldn’t find any sign of a crime.  (10,16,17) 

Martin and Potter went outside to figure out what to do next when they saw Jamayea and her friend Kendra pull up in Adam’s car.  Jamayea remembered that she saw the white dude stab Adam instead of her friend in time to tell Martin and Potter about it.  She didn’t know who the white dude was, but the skinny white girl that was with Terrance was his girlfriend Sarah who lived in Midland.  (16,17) 

Since Jamayea didn’t know Sarah’s last name, and she didn’t know the white dude at all, Martin and Potter put out an ATL (attempt to locate) for Terrance over the police radio.  Instead of holding Adam’s car for evidence, Martin and Potter decided they would let Jamayea keep it so they could follow her and Kendra to the right crime scene. (16,17)  With Jamayea’s help, Martin and Potter finally made it to the right place, but they forgot to sign the crime scene contamination list. (26) 

Martin and Potter noticed a black ball cap in the street.  Jamayea forgot that Adam wore the cap all the time, and she forgot he had it on that night too, so she told the two kops that it belonged to one of the suspects. (16,17) 

Martin and Potter decided that this time they would have Jamayea leave Adam’s car at the crime scene instead of letting her drive it, so they drove her and Kendra back to the hospital so they could talk to Det. Stanford once Stanford found the right hospital. (16,17)

Martin and Potter then took off to find Terrance’s ex-wife Coco so Coco could tell them how to find Terrance.  They needed to ask Terrance who the white dude was that stabbed Adam because Jamayea didn’t know him. (16,17)

After talking to Coco’s dad, Martin remembered that he had seen Coco earlier in the day at #6 Onyx Court.  They went over there and found Coco.  Coco hadn’t seen Terrance, and she didn’t know a white dude he might be hanging out with, but she said he was dating a white girl that lived in Midland that drove an Altima. (16,17) 

When Det. Stanford finally got to the right hospital, she talked to Cpl. Goodson and Goodson told her that the nurses had said that Terrance stabbed Adam.  She had a CSI photograph Adam’s dead body and his clothes and the CSI scraped Adam’s fingernails.  (1,5,10)       

Stanford talked to Jamayea for a little less than 10 minutes.  Jamayea told her about the fight between Adam and her friend Terrance, and about the white dude who was wearing a white shirt that had snuck up and stabbed Adam, and that Adam had told her that the white dude stabbed him. (1) 

But Jamayea forgot to tell Stanford that she told the hospital that a friend stabbed Adam.  Stanford didn’t bother to check Adam’s ER records, or maybe it just wasn’t important to Stanford.  Jamayea also forgot to tell Stanford that she hit Terrance, or that Terrance and Adam struggled over a screwdriver.  She forgot to tell Stanford that she confronted the white dude when he got out of Sarah’s car. (1)

Jamayea DID NOT tell Stanford that Adam and Terrance shook hands, or that they said they were still homies.  Jamayea DID NOT say that Adam said he was cool with Terrance, Jamayea just said that after she saw the white dude stab Adam, the white dude and Terrance jumped up and ran and sped away with Sarah.  

Jamayea did remember that Adam had loaned Terrance the money to help him get back on his feet. (1)

Stanford called Det. Adam Barboza who was supposed to be the lead investigator and was at the crime scene.  Stanford told Barboza what Jamayea said about the white stranger that stabbed Adam, but she either forgot to tell him that Adam said that Terrance did it, or maybe Barboza just didn’t think it was important enough to put in his report. (1,4)   

Barboza and Det. Mike Liverett talked to Larry Flax, who lived at the crime scene with Terrance’s mother, but Larry didn’t see or hear anything.  Larry said that Terrance’s mother was named Lorraine, but Lorraine was out at the club with her friends.  The kops told Larry that it was 3:45 in the morning and the clubs closed at 2:00.  Larry got disturbed so he didn’t say anything else.  (4,18,20)   

Ten minutes later, Liverett saw Lorraine walking down the street from the north.  Lorraine walked right through the crime scene tape until the kops decided they would stop her.  Lorraine said she hadn’t been at any club like Larry said.  She was at work at Church’s Chicken, then she went to her friend Richard’s house to the south.  But Lorraine refused to tell the kops why she was coming from the north if Richard lived to the south, and she refused to tell them where Richard lived.  (18,20)       

Liverett told Lorraine that they needed to find Terrance because Terrance knew who had stabbed Adam.  Liverett never told Lorraine that Terrance stabbed Adam like Adam had told the nurses, just that he knew who the white dude was just like Jamayea had told Stanford. (20) 

Lorraine told the kops that she had two sons, Terrance and Jerrell, but even though Terrance had been at her house that very day, (at least long enough to stab Adam and speed away,) Lorraine told the kops that Terrance never came over to see her, he never called her, and she had no idea how to find him.  She made some phone calls but she gave up and told the kops she couldn’t remember Terrance or Jerrell’s phone numbers. Lorraine stalled and was uncooperative but she finally did call Jerrell.  Liverett tried to talk to him but Jerrell hung up the phone on Liverett. (18,20)    

Some of the other kops that found the crime scene looked around for blood splatter, but they didn’t see any since it was dark.  Det. Troy Lesley noticed a green handled Phillips screwdriver in Adam’s car.  They got a search warrant but the screwdriver wasn’t important enough for them to bother to pick up. (19)  The kops took some swabs of blood stains from Adam’s car, and they picked up the suspects ball cap (the one that Adam always wore) from the street.  They took some pictures in the dark.  They didn’t find any other clues or evidence at the scene of the murder. (4,19,21,22)      

Lt. Bernie Kraft of Midland PD heard over the police radio that OPD was looking for Terrance.  Lt. Kraft called Barboza and told him that he had recently arrested Terrance so he knew where he lived.  Lt. Kraft said he would try to make contact with Terrance. (4,23)   

When Lt. Kraft knocked on Terrance’s door, Terrance went and hid under the bed covers, but Sarah and the white dude didn’t give him any trouble.  Lt. Kraft and Officers Barnes and Stanley of MPD got Terrance out of the bed, put him in handcuffs, and hauled Terrance, Sarah, and Chris to the Midland police station. (23) 

Lt. Kraft called Barboza and told him he had them.  He gave Barboza Sarah’s last name, and the white dude’s name.  Barboza told Kraft he would send over some OPD detectives to get them.  Barboza called Stanford and Det. Harvey Enriquez and told them to go to Midland to interview the three. (4,23) 

Barboza then sent Liverett and Det. Mario Baeza to Terrance’s apartment in Midland.  Barboza said he would contact them after he got a search warrant.  Barboza went to the judge to get the search warrants. (4,18,20)          

Martin and Potter were talking to some other friends of Terrance’s when they heard that Midland police had already found him and Sarah and the white dude, so they went back to the station to copy/paste their reports, then they went home. (16,17)

Stanford headed to Midland with Enriquez.  On the way, Enriquez asked Stanford to brief him on what she knew.  Enriquez said that Stanford told him that Jamayea saw who stabbed Adam and she had driven him to the hospital. (2) 

Enriquez said that Stanford told him that Adam complained to the medical staff of not being able to breathe, then moments after saying that, Adam died.  Enriquez didn’t bother to mention that Adam told the nurses Terrance did it.  Either Stanford didn’t tell him about it, or maybe, just like all of the other kops except Goodson, he didn’t think it was important enough to be concerned about. (2)    

When Stanford and Enriquez got to Midland, they took some pictures of the three, and they talked to Terrance.  Terrance told them that he heard someone call out his street name which is Ice Cream, so he went over and saw that it was Adam.  He said Adam had loaned him some money but he couldn’t pay him back until Friday, so Adam got mad and pulled a screwdriver on him. (1,2)

 Terrance said he was halfway inside Adam’s car and they struggled over the screwdriver until Adam dropped it.  Adam got out of the car and they started to fight.  Terrance said he thought it was funny because they kept swinging and missing each other.  And the kops said Terrance laughed. (1,2) 

All Terrance knew was that after the fight Adam told him they were still cool and he wasn’t stabbed.  Terrance said he didn’t know that Adam had been stabbed until the Midland police told him about it.  He said that Adam was fine when they shook hands and left. (1,2)    

At first, Terrance said he didn’t see any blood, but later, he remembered that he did see quite a bit of blood on Adam’s shirt after all.  Terrance was too drunk to remember much, but he did remember that he didn’t stab Adam, he didn’t know who stabbed Adam, but he knows it wasn’t him, and it wasn’t his girlfriend Sarah, so it must have been Chris. (1,2)   

Enriquez said he didn’t think Terrance was being truthful, but he or Stanford didn’t think to ask Terrance why his friend Jamayea would say he got up and ran and sped away after the fight if he didn’t know Adam had been stabbed.  They didn’t ask Terrance how he was able to shake hands with Adam if he wasn’t even there because he jumped up and sped away.  They didn’t see a need to ask him why the Midland cops found him hiding under the covers if he didn’t know Adam had been stabbed. (1,2)

Even though Terrance’s street name is Ice Cream, (after the street drug Ice,) and he’s a seven-time convicted felon, since Jamayea had already told Stanford that Adam loaned Terrance money to help him get back on his feet, Stanford or Enriquez  didn’t need to ask Terrance if this murder could have been a drug deal gone bad. (1,2)        

Sarah told Stanford and Enriquez that she didn’t see anything because her view was blocked by a tree, but what little of the fight she did see was funny because Adam and Terrance were swinging but missing.  And the kops said she laughed. (1,2) 

She did manage to see Jamayea hit Terrance on the head, so she told Chris to go check on him.  Even though she couldn’t see the fight from the street all the way to the yard, she saw Adam and Terrance shake hands, and heard them say they were still cool. (1,2)       

Then Terrance and Chris came back to the car.  Sarah saw Adam go to his car and they all left in separate directions.  She said they went to their friend Money’s house so Terrance could vomit.  Then they went home and played with their puppy.  Sarah said Terrance wasn’t very drunk. (1,2)    

Stanford mentioned to Sarah that Adam told the hospital that her boyfriend Terrance had stabbed him, but if she knew otherwise, she needed to say so.  With Stanford’s help, Sarah finally remembered that Chris told her he stabbed Adam, but she never did see a knife. (1,2) 

Later on, Sarah finally remembered that she saw a knife after all.  Now Sarah remembered that Chris showed her a thin black knife at their apartment in Midland.  Stanford called Det. Liverett who had gotten his warrant and was searching the apartment.  Liverett said he hadn’t found a knife like what Sarah described but he would keep looking.  Stanford didn’t think to ask Sarah what room she was in, in the filthy apartment,  so Liverett would at least have an idea of what pile of garbage to rummage through. (1,2,20) 

Enriquez said he thought they had rehearsed their story together since they said almost exactly the same thing about the funny fight, but Enriquez said that Terrance never did admit that Chris said he did it, or that Chris showed him the knife like Sarah had said. (2) 

While Stanford and Enriquez were doing their interviews, Baeza and Liverett searched the apartment.  All they managed to pick up was a blue knife and a KKK engraved knife that they found in Chris’ backpack that was sitting on top of a pile of clothes.  Baeza said the blue knife was in very dirty condition. (5,6,18,20,21,24)     

They didn’t see a need to pick up Terrance’s bloody white Wifebeater shirt that was on the patio, but at least they took a picture of it. Barboza told the judge they wanted to pick up any towels, rags, or sponges that might have been used to wipe away blood.  The kops and the CSI’s took pictures of eight towels, rags, and sponges that were lying all over the apartment, but they never did pick them up.  They didn't find any other clues or evidence in the apartment, just Chris' KKK knife and his blue knife. (5,6,18,20,21)    

They took lots of photos, mostly of filth, but they took some pictures of the kitchen pantry, and in the top right corner of the pantry, there was a bottle of Great Value bleach, tucked away nice and neat, as if it hadn’t been used since the day they bought it. (4,5,6,18,20,21)

When they searched Sarah’s Altima, they found a black knife that was hidden in the front passenger door panel where Terrance had been sitting.  Liverett said it matched the description of the black knife that Sarah told the detectives about seeing inside the apartment.  They didn’t take anything else from Sarah’s Altima. (2,5,6,18,20,21,24)

Since Barboza got his warrant for Money’s place where the three had stopped, he and Cpl. Scottie Smith went to talk to Money and search his apartment.  Money confirmed that Terrance vomited there, but nobody told him anything about a murder. 

Money’s apartment was twice as dirty as Terrance’s, so I’m sure it would be hard for the kops to try to find any clues, but they did take a picture of Terrance’s vomit.  They also took a picture of a screwdriver on Money’s coffee table, but as usual, they didn’t see a need to pick it up, probably because Stanford didn’t bother to tell Barboza that Terrance and Adam had struggled over a screwdriver.  They also didn’t know at the time that Adam’s lip was cut with a screwdriver, so I guess they didn’t see any need to waste their time picking up things that might not be important. (4,5,6)

Cpl. Smith found another white shirt by the dumpster at Money’s apartment.  Barboza had the CSI’s pick up this white shirt, but then they lost it. (4,5,6,21,25)

Chris the stranger, who was wearing a black shirt, told Stanford and Enriquez the same story that Terrance and Sarah told them, about the funny fight, that Adam and Ice Cream were swinging and missing, that they shook hands and left, and Adam wasn’t stabbed. (1,2)    

At first Chris said he didn’t get out of the car, but later he said he did, but only to check on Terrance.  The kops said that the more they talked to Chris, he kept changing his story.  Terrance and Sarah did too, but the kops didn’t say Terrance and Sarah did, just that Chris did. (1,2) 

Chris told the kops that he didn’t stab Adam with a knife.  Even though Enriquez already knew they rehearsed their stories, he told Chris that he never said Adam was stabbed with a knife but Chris didn’t make a comment to that statement. (2) 

Stanford asked Chris why he thought Sarah and Terrance would say he did it, and why Jamayea would say he did it.  Chris gave the kops several reasons and he said he thought it might be because he was white.  Stanford didn’t tell Chris that Adam said Terrance did it like she had told Sarah, and she didn’t tell Chris that Jamayea told the hospital that her friend Terrance did it. (1,2) 

Chris finally told the kops that Terrance stabbed Adam, not him.  Stanford called him a liar and things got heated.  Enriquez left the room, and about that time, the recorder accidentally broke.  When the recorder broke, and Enriquez was gone, Chris looked at Stanford with a cold stare, and told her that he knew what she was trying to do, so Stanford ended her interview with Chris. (1) 

Stanford called Barboza and told him what the three had said.  Barboza went back to the judge and got a warrant to arrest Chris for first-degree murder.  Enriquez said he would have Chris sent over to the jail, and let Terrance and Sarah go for now.  The kops all went home and didn’t think about Adam again for another ten months. (1,2,4)

Chris, who had been sitting in jail because he didn’t have a million dollars, wrote a letter to the judge and said he wanted a speedy trial, so the kops decided if they wanted to pin this murder on Chris, maybe they should test some of the evidence they did manage to collect.

To be continued………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 



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Odessa's UCR Reports

Odessa Chief of Police, Tim Burton stated in a news interview about another case, "Sometimes the steps in the justice system are messy; sometimes they’re elongated. But in the end, we reach a righteous conclusion most of the time,..."  Are you sure Chief?  Have you read the FBI Unified Crime Reports?  Perhaps you missed the memo.  Shall I fill you in?  Of the violent crimes, 42 percent were cleared in Texas overall in 2008. Odessa cleared a mere 23 percent, way below the state average.  Of the seven murders in Odessa in 2008, only one was cleared. 

Does this statement point to ineptness, or is it an outright lie?   Surely the chief of police is aware of crime statistics in his city.  Or perhaps that is what he considers a righteous conclusion most of the time.

Update: An Odessa American news investigation has now uncovered incorrect FBI UCR reports and the coverup of the murder of a 5-week old baby not reported at all.  See articles below.   

OPD Admits UCR Reports Incorrect

After being questioned by the press, Chief Burton now admits his FBI Unified Crime Report numbers are incorrect.  However, OPD continues to defend their handling of Adam's murder. 

"One cleared case, according to UCR guidelines, is the May 2008 stabbing death of Ryan Adam Moon. The man arrested in the case, however, was acquitted. Still, it is a cleared case because enough probable cause was established for prosecution, and Odessa police said they consider the case closed."

You can view the article here:  OPD reports incorrect numbers