The Murder of Ryan Adam Moon

Is Terrance Jackson Guilty - Tell Us What You Think 

There is not one shred of physical evidence that Christopher Lyson killed Adam. There IS physical evidence as well as credible witness testimony that Terrance Jackson did.  Odessa Police and Ector County District Attorney claim to believe one of Jamayea Brockett's three stories, so much so, they centered a murder investigation around her statements and tried to send a man to prison for life.  They couldn't sell it to a jury.  They can't sell it to Adam's family.  Read the facts.  Use the Guestbook link on the left and  let us know ................... Can they sell it to you?

The highlights of ADA Justin Cunninghams case against Chistopher Lyson was:

The Dying Declaration:

The ADA's theory:

Adam was mistaken when he told 2 ER nurses Terrance did it.  They said he probably thought Jackson did it, but it had to be Lyson because 3 eyewitnesses, Jamayea Brockett, Sarah Fontenot , Jackson's girlfriend and mother of his child, and Terrance Jackson said it was Lyson. 

The Facts:

Jackson and Fontenot were initially suspects.  They came up with this story that Chris did it, only after being threatened with death row.  In one of Jamayea Brockett's many versions, the one they decided to believe, she said that Adam told her the white dude, Lyson, stabbed him.  Their theory doesn't make sense.  Had Adam truly not seen who stabbed him, and believed it was Terrance Jackson, he would not tell Jamayea  the white dude did it, then a few minutes later tell nurses Terrance did it.  He would have told her Jackson did it, just like he told the nurses.  This does not make sense.   

ER nurses Brenda Campbell and Rosemary Garza testified that Adam told them Terrance did it.  Adam's final words, "It's bad.  It's bad, isn't it?  I can't breathe.  I can't breathe.  Terrance did it.  Terrance did it." 

The Knives:

The ADA's theory:

They found knives in Lyson's backpack that demonstrate Lyson's propensity to carry dangerous weapons.

The Facts:

In one of Sarah Fontenot's 4 different versions, she told detectives that Lyson showed her the knife he used at their apartment in Midland.  She claimed it was black.  Although she never told police, she testified at trial that she watched Lyson wash the knife with bleach.  Police found 3 knives.  The black one was in the door panel of her car where Jackson was sitting.  The 2 knives in the backpack were a KKK knife and a blue and black knife that police reports state was in very dirty condition.  Trial testimony was that bleach would degrade DNA.  It would also clean it, would it not?  If this knife is not the murder weapon, did detectives overlook what had to be in the apartment, or, did Sarah Fontenot lie about what she saw or where she saw it? 

Police photographs show a bottle of Great Value bleach in the top right corner of the kitchen pantry.  The backpack with the knives inside was tossed in the dining room floor.  Everything in this apartment is filthy.  Nothing was ever picked up.  These 3 were apprehended by police within a few hours of the murder.  If Lyson had used the bleach, why would he put the bottle back where it belonged in the pantry, and toss the murder weapon in a pile of filth.  That does not make sense.  You can see the photos under the tab on the left titled initial police interviews.   

No Defensive Wounds:

The ADA's theory:

The most telling evidence, according Cunningham, is that Adam had no defensive wounds. Their proof was that witnesses testified that Lyson snuck up on Adam during the fight, those witnesses being Brockett, Fontenot, and Jackson.

The Facts:

Adam was stabbed five times in the chest.  The only possible explanation for no defensive wounds would be that Adam was being controlled or held down.  Otherwise, instinctively, he would have defended himself on the second, third, fourth, or fifth puncture.  He was fighting with Terrance Jackson.  Police reports state that Jackson was on top of Adam.

The DA's Star Witnesses:

Tthe ADA's star witnesses (Det. Harvey Enriquez' police report states that he believed their stories were rehearsed) claimed that Adam shook hands with Jackson after being stabbed and told him we're still cool, we're still homies."  That is ludicrous.  It's laughable.  Why would Adam shake hands with someone he thought just stabbed him and tell him it's ok? 

Jamayea Brockett herself implicated Terrance Jackson when she told the hospital that Adam was arguing with a friend who stabbed him.  This was before she knew Adam died.   Why on earth would she tell the hospital that her friend stabbed him if she had just seen a stranger do it? (click on the link on the left called hospital records to see what Brockett told the hospital.) 

Brockett told Det. Stanford that the white dude ran up, knelt down, stabbed Adam, then run back to the Altima.  She said Jackson got up and ran too and the Altima sped away.  In her handwritten statement, she said Adam walked up to the car and said, drive me to the hospital, I'm stabbed.  She told Det. Stanford that she walked over to Adam and helped him up and that's when she realized he had been stabbed.

Brockett testified at trial that she overheard Adam tell Jackson, your homeboy didn't have to stab me like that.  How did this conversation happen if Lyson and Jackson ran and sped away?  Impossible.  And why did she not tell police about this exchange?      

They couldn't sell this to a jury.  And they cannot sell it to us.  In a newspaper article, Chief Burton said that in 2008 when Adam was killed, the department was not experienced due to high turnover rates and they were drastically understaffed for a long period of time.  They spent less than 12 hours before they arrested Lyson.

All we are asking is that they review the FACTS.  Follow the evidence and go where it leads instead of making the evidence fit what witnesses told them.  These witnesses lied, they constantly changed their story, two of them were worrying about being on death row.  Adam told us who stabbed him, Terrance did it.  Why won't they believe him?

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