The Murder of Ryan Adam Moon

Field Witness Statement from ER Nurse Brenda Campbell

Field Witness Statement from ER Nurse Rosemary Garza. 

Field Witness Statement - Jamayea Brockett -  She contadicted her statements in her interview with Det. Shelly Stanford below.  Both statements are completely different than the story she told at trial where she swore to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  It is also different from what she told me and countless other family members.

(1) In the field witness statement under name/address of violator/suspect she wrote Terrance Jackson.  Within minutes of this statement she told my brother and his wife that "Ice Cream" did it.  Ice Cream is Terrance Jackson's street name. 

(2) In the field witness statement Jamayea said a white dude came up to Adam and stabbed him.   In the police interview  below she said she thought he was getting in some cheap shots punching him while he was on the ground.  She told me she was walking to the car and did not see anything. 

(3) In the field witness statement Jamayea said Adam ran up to the car.   In the police interview she said she ran over to Adam and helped him up and that's when she realized he had been stabbed.

Page 1 - Jamayea Brockett part 1

(4) In the police interview Jamayea said Adam got out of the car and asked Jackson if he had his money.  She testified at trial that Jackson walked up the the car.  She told me Jackson came up the the car, Adam asked for his money, Jackson didn't have it and Adam pulled out a screwdriver.   

(5) In the police interview Jamayea told police Adam told her the white dude did it.  She testified at trial she heard Adam tell Terrance Jackson "your homeboy didn't have to stab me like that.  Can you imagine forgetting whether or not your boyfriend told you who stabbed him before he died?  Strange that Adam would tell Jamayea the white dude did it, then a few minutes later tell 2 nurses Terrance Jackson stabbed him.  And the police and DA believe HER!! 

(6) If Jamayea's story is true, and Adam was on the ground with Jackson on top of him, how did Lyson sneak up and stab Adam 5 times in the stomach?  If someone is on top of you, your stomach is covered.  Wouldn't the wounds have been in the side or elsewhere?    

Other inconsistencies from Jamayea's many versions include: 

(7) She told hospital ER nurses Adam was fighting with a friend WHO stabbed him.  It is clear from this report  she did not know Christopher Lyson.  Jackson was her friend of 9 years.  You can see the hospital records by clicking on the tab on the left.    

Page 2 - Jamayea Brockett part 2 and Terrance Jackson part 1  

(8) Jamayea failed to mention the screwdriver to police although Terrance Jackson did.  She lied by omission but DA Bland believes this woman.  She told me Adam pulled a screwdriver on Jackson.  She told Adam's mother she left the hospital to hide cocaine and a screwdriver.  

(9) The day before Adam's funeral Jamayea got a call from her cousin.  Her cousin told her Jackson was circling around her house.  She was so scared she called police for an escort home to get clothes.  She was so terrified she stayed at my brothers house for 3 days.  She told the officer Ice Cream killed Adam and she was afraid.  Police can find no record of this report accusing Jackson, not Lyson.  Imagine telling an officer you had witnessed a murder and the killer was stalking you and he doesn't take a report, are you kidding? 

(10) She stole Adam's money and went shopping and got a tatoo the day before the funeral.  Adam had $2000.00 is his wallet the night before.  Police confiscated from Adam's body $90.00 in cash and no wallet.

(11) We were told she was at a club with Jackson a few days after the murder.

(12) As Karen was driving Jamayea to meet with DA Bobby Bland, she told her she would say she saw Lyson do it.  Little did we know she had already said that.

(13) Jackson confirms Jameyea's story about the owed money.  He then tells detectives his street name is Ice Cream.  This is also an alias in his very long criminal history.  Why was he not asked if the money was for drugs?  Perhaps detectives believed Jamayea's story that it was a loan to help Jackson get back on his feet?  Perhaps they thought he has a street name of Ice Cream because he likes Blue Bell?  Why was a drug deal never mentioned by police or the Ector County DA's office?  Would that have opened the door for Chris Lyson's attorney to expose Jackson as a police drug informant?     

Page 3 - Terrance Jackson part 2 and Sarah Fontenot part 1

Sarah Fontenot's Inverview - Which of her 4 versions do you believe?

(14) Sarah Fontenot initially told police her view was blocked by a tree and she didn't see the stabbing. 

(15) In her second version (with the coaching of Det. Stanford) she said Lyson told her he did it but she did not see the stabbing. 

(16) In her third version she described the knife (remember, the one she didn't see) to Det. Stanford.   Notice how detailed Fontenot is in this version - last paragraph of page 4 below.  She tells the detective that Lyson showed her the knife at their apartment in Midland, she describes it's length, it's unfolded, it's thin, she says he told her he stuck Moon with it, she describes the jabbing motion.  Det. Stanford calls Det. Liverett who is at their apartment in Midland at the time.  He doesn't find the knife.  (this should prove either Fontenot is lying.  If not, what does it say about Det. Liverett?  Det. Harvey Enriquez' report states that Fontenot said the knife was black.  There was a black knife found in the door panel of her care where TERRACE JACKSON was sitting.       

(17) In her forth version (trial testimony) she claimed to watch Lyson bleach the knife.  All the detail she gave Det. Stanford, but NOT ONE WORD ABOUT BLEACH !!!!  In the police photographs of the Midland apartment, I noticed a bottle of Great Value bleach in the top right kitchen pantry.  Other photo's prove these people lived like pigs.  They were apprehended within hours of the murder.  I cannot imagine Lyson using the bleach, then putting it back in place in the kitchen pantry then tossing the alleged murder weapon on the floor of the dining room where the police found it in the bag.  If Fontenot's story were true, the photo would show the bleach left lying out along with all the other filth.         

(18) Note: Jackson claimed he did not know of the homicide until Midland officers told him at his apartment.  His interview states "they kept missing because he was intoxicated.  Jackson even laughed at one point saying it was funny."  Fontenot's interview states "they looked retarded trying to fight each other and she laughed."  Is it a  coincidence their stories are so similar or could they be rehearsed?  Why the need to rehearse a story if they thought this was a simple fight and were not aware of a stabbing? 

Page 4 - Sarah Fontenot part 2

Page 5 - Christopher Lyson

(19) Detective Stanford's obviously biased notes claim that every time Lyson was asked a question he kept adding a little more.  This is no different than Sarah Fontenot's interview.  She argues with Lyson and calls him a liar, yet she leads Fontenot and helps her out with her story. 

Why don't you want the truth to come out, Detective?  How many drug cases would be compromised if your department's drug informant is exposed as a cold blooded killer?            


Police Photograph of Bleach in Pantry.  Look at the filth of this apartment in the other photos.  These 3 were apprehended within hours of the murder.  If Fontenot had really watched Lyson bleach the knife, the bleach would have been left laying around like everything else.  He would not have placed it back in the pantry where it belongs, then toss the knife he just bleached in the backpack and throw it on the floor.  This does not make sense.   

Look at the filth of this apartment.  They leave baby lotion and marijuana on the coffee table, filth all over the kitchen, but we're supposed to believe Lyson put the bleach in the pantry where it belongs after using it?   

Police photo of knives and the backpack found in the corner of the dining room.  If I saw this knife, I would describe it as blue, not black.  Fontenot described a black knife.  The one in the bottom photo is the KKK knife.   


Police photo of the black knife in Fontenot's car.  The first photo is hard to see but it's sitting in the door panel of the car right where TERRANCE JACKSON was sitting.  Fontenot described a BLACK knife to detectives.   

The Black Ball Cap and Andy and Barney - Another Jamayea Brockett Lie

Officers Rusty Martin and Gary Potter's reports state that they followed Jamayea Brockett and Kendra Jones to the crime scene at 707 Bunche.  The officers note that they saw a black ball cap laying in the street.  According to both officers, Brockett told them the ball cap belonged to one of the suspects Adam wore this black ball cap all the time.  You will see him wearing it in several of the photo's on this website.  Adam had to be wearing it that night.  It had to be on his head, not just laying in the car, otherwise, it would not have been in the street where the thugs left him to die.  Why would Brockett lie about the ball cap?  

I suppose it is possible the officers misunderstood, or wrote their reports incorrectly.  However, both reports state she said it belonged to one of the suspects.  Brockett knew the cap belonged to Adam, no doubt about that.  Also note, they allowed Brockett and Kendra Jones to drive the car that was part of a crime scene.  These officers should have siezed the car for crime scene technicians.  Police call logs show that Cpl. Martin's ATL (attempt to locate) went out over police radio at 2:13 am while they were still at Adam's residence, proving that Brockett had already told them her story before they realized they were at the wrong address.    

I titled this "The Black Ball Cap and Barney and Andy" for a reason.  As you read their reports below, if you know the Mayberry sheriff and his deputy, I'm sure you'll understand. 



Martin Report page 1 of 2.  He mentioned the ball cap in paragraph 2, line 18.  The handwritten note at the bottom that says "whose black cap" is mine.  I had the reports before the photos and I was shocked when I read she said it belonged to a suspect.  The handwritten numbers were there when I got the report from DA Bland.  Potters report follows.  Look closely at their wording.  Did these officers use copy/paste?  Is that even legal?        

Martin report page 2

Gary Potter report page 1.  Potter mentioned the ball cap in the 2nd paragraph, line 14.

Potter Report page 2