The Murder of Ryan Adam Moon

Who Did Jamayea Lie To?  Which of Her Three Versions Is Most Believable?  See hospital ER records below.  Note under "additional  history" what Jamayea told the hospital staff.  

I have recently found out that Jamayea Brockett told police in her written statement (see the Inital Police Interviews link) that Lyson stabbed Adam.  This statement was in her own handwriting just a short time after the murder.  The day after it happened she told my family and I that she did not see the stabbing.  She said she was walking to the car at the time it happened. 

Jamayea told the hospital staff Adam was arguing with A FRIEND WHO stabbed him.  Jamayea did not know Christopher Lyson.  She nor Adam had ever met him.  She referred to him as "the white dude" in her police statement.  Terrance Jackson was her friend of 9 years.  If she had truly seen the white stranger run up, kneel down, stab Adam, then run away, as she told police, why on earth would she tell hospital staff her friend stabbed him?

Jamayea did not tell the hospital he was arguing with a friend and a stranger ran up and stabbed him.  She did not say he was arguing with a friend and her friend's friend stabbed him.  She said he was arguing with A FRIEND WHO stabbed him.  Adam was still alive when Jamayea said this.  She did not know the wounds were fatal.  Adam was bleeding internally so there was very little blood.  She had absolutely no reason to lie at this point. 

My brother and his wife were with Jamayea at the hospital before Adam died.  Both heard her tell the police officer that Ice Cream did it.  Ice Cream is Terrance Jackson's street name.  Amazingly, there is no written report from this officer who was there prior to the homicide investigator arriving at the hospital. 

Why did Jamayea change her story between the time she drove Adam to the hospital and her written statement to police?  Why did she change it again between her written statement and talking with the family the following day?  Why was her trial testimony different than her statements to police or family?  Why did Jamayea Brockett tell Adam's mother she would lie and tell DA Bobby Bland she saw Christopher Lyson stab Adam?  Why was she terrified of Terrance Jackson the day after the murder?  Was Jamayea out clubbing with Terrance Jackson the following week?  Why have the police not asked these questions?     

Odessa Police Department detectives admitted at trial they confined the scope of their investigation by basing their interrogation questions on Jamayea’s initial statement.  If they had known Jamayea was a liar would the outcome have been different?  Why did they not verify her credibility before building a murder case around her statement?   Did the Ector County DA's office notice the white powdery substance on her nose as she was testifying?  

Which of Jamayea's three versions is most believable?                

Adam's ER Records  - Look Under Additional History

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