The Murder of Ryan Adam Moon

Chris' Mothers Story

As Chris’s mother, I would like to comment what it’s like being on the other side of the fence.  I love my son with all my heart.  When I heard he had been arrested and accused of killing someone.  I knew he had gotten into trouble for a reason.  I knew he was innocent.  But because he had been doing drugs for years, I had prayed with all my heart and soul to God to help Chris stop using drugs.  God answered my prayers but he had to go to extreme measures to get Chris to quit once and for all.  Chris had tried to quit in the past.  Even went to Rehab just to fail and start in again.  It took sitting in jail for 18 months for a crime he didn’t commit that if found guilty, would of kept him from his children and family forever.  That was God’s way to get him to change.  And it has.

The torture that our family went thru trying to prove he was innocent was beyond frustrating.  When I learned that Jackson was named as Adam’s killer, I thought Chris would be getting out of jail soon.  NOT !!  I was told by Chris’s attorney, Dusty Gallivan who was a godsend, that the DA – Bobby Bland was still convinced that Chris had done it.   I could not understand how or why.  But because someone had died, someone had to pay and 3 non neutral party witnesses said Chris did it.   There was no investigation.  It was cut and dried.  Chris was arrested and everybody went home to their families.  Sherry Carruth said “they had gotten the right person”.  How could they have gotten the right person when they didn’t investigate?  Sure they could of arrested Chris, Jackson & Sarah while they conducted a thorough investigation.  But they let Jackson & Sarah go.  I was told by Det. Barboza that they weren’t arrested because it wasn’t premeditated murder.  Also he said that he’s 99% sure that a person is guilty before an arrest is made.  Obviously,  Det. Barboza has never been on my side of the fence.  As well as Bobby Bland & OPD.

I had met Terrence Jackson a few times and each time I saw him, he was high on pot or crack.  I never wanted Chris to hang out with Jackson.  I knew Jackson was bad and I am scared of him.  But Chris did anyway because of the drugs.  Drugs were plentiful.   I also knew Jackson was a drug informant for OPD.  He had the best of both worlds – got to do drugs, sell them, then bust the people.  I know this because when Chris got into trouble with OPD over drugs, they offered him the same deal.  But because Chris was on probation at the time, his probation officer told him not to get involved.

Chris is good son.  He is a loving son, father, brother, grandson.  He has 2 children.  A son that’s 11 and a daughter that’s 6.  He would NEVER harm another mother’s son or daughter.  He has the fear that someone could harm his children.  He IS God fearing.

I feel the hurt that Karen Harless is going through.  I have put myself in her shoes everyday.  When my son’s go out the door, I pray they return.  God works in mysterious ways.  I don’t know why Adam was the one to be there that night and why he died.  I’ve always tried to prepare myself that when God’s ready to call you home, it doesn’t matter how, when, where or why.  We have no control over it.  It’s just something you can never prepare yourself for. 

I pray for you Karen.  I pray that you can find peace somehow, someway.  There’s a book called “The Shack”.  It’s a very good book dealing with the murder of a young child and her father’s relationship with God, Jesus & the Holy Spirit.  I found a lot of comfort in it, especially towards the end.  It deals with hurt and anger.  It may help you cope.

I want to thank Monica for her kind words about Chris:  “In reading carefully about Ryan's case it is very clear that they put the wrong man on trial and thankfully, the 12 people on the jury believed he was innocent.  What would of happened to that young man if he had been found guilty of a murder he did not commit?  His life would have been over.  I can't imagine the anger and fear he has gone thru.  What a shame.”   Thank you so much Monica.  Those words comforted me deeply.

Yes !!!   Can ANYONE imagine if Chris had been convicted of a crime he didn’t commit?  Has ANYONE ever been in my shoes and had a family member, son, daughter, etc. accused of killing someone?

For those who have been commenting about Chris on (with the exception of Adam’s family) – please remember the comments affect everyone – especially the mother of Christopher Lyson.  I’m human too. I get angry & hurt just like everyone else.  I am suffering too.

I want justice for Adam and his family.  I want Chris’s innocence to be proven without a doubt.  I know God will take care of Adam’s killer.  And for the record:  Chris NEVER bragged about killing Adam as Joe Commander had stated.  There were several witnesses at Dos Amigos that night and that wasn’t even the conversation that took place.  Joe Commander is a “mini me” of Bobby Bland.  He’s a member of the “Ector County Boy’s Club”.  They all sleep in the same bed.

Thank you and God Bless Adam’s family

LouAnn F.