The Murder of Ryan Adam Moon

Adam's Mothers Story

I am Adam's mother. I was also on the front porch with Jamayea and heard the same story as did several others. Jamayea referred to the killer as Ice Cream. I found it odd that Christopher Lyson was in jail and Jamayea was afraid of Terrance Jackson, her friend.

Witnesses testified that Adam and Jackson scuffled on the ground. The yard on Bunche St. was dirt. Adam had on white shorts. After supposedly rolling on the ground in a fight he didn't have any dust or dirt on his clothes. That was proven at trial.

All of us that heard this story went to Bobby Bland's office. We told him what we heard. He said we were wrong, all of us. It didn't matter that Jameyea told us one story and him another. Her version was the truth. Jackson is a 7 time felon and a police informant. Bland believed Jamayea and Jackson over all of us. He believed them over Adam, two nurses, and a doctor.

I have documents proving that Adam said 4 times at the hospital that Jackson stabbed him. Jamayea told the hospital staff that a friend stabbed Adam. Bobby Bland says that's not true.

Later I found out Terrance Jackson's street name is Ice Cream. Jamayea's mother told me that. She came to my house before the funeral. We were going to hide Jamayea. She said we didn't need to do that, Ice Cream would never hurt her. He was her friend. She buys her stuff from him. I threw her out of my house.

The police made it sound like Adam was the dealer. That is not true. He was buying. Jackson took his money and ripped him off.

Of all the people in custody, the only one with blood on them was Jackson. They did not do DNA on his bloody shirt or the knife in the pocket of the car door. Jackson was sitting by that door. Police said they didn't have equipment to do DNA. Yet they asked for a postponement of the trial. They told the judge they were waiting on DNA. They lied.

Shortly after this, a furniture store on 8th St. was robbed. They stole a flat screen TV, broke the window and cut themselves. They had equipment to do DNA on that blood, but not for a murder.

For the murder case the police thought just a picture of the bloody shirt and knife would be enough. Then they lied about who was wearing said shirt. Bobby Bland assured us he had the right guy. All the evidence pointed to Jackson, but Bland claimed he had the right man.

My sister and I went to Bland and told him we didn't think he should take Lyson to trial. He needed to wait until he had evidence to convict him. If he was the right man, why go to trial and risk him being set free? Maybe try a plea deal? Bland slammed his hand on his desk and told us if we felt that way we shouldn't go into the courtroom. My sister told him we would be in the courtroom. Joe Commander served us with subpoenas before we got to the hallway.

If he had the right man, why not let us hear the evidence? Convince us. He couldn't. Even the jury knew he had the wrong man.

Then I started to notice all kinds of things I found odd. Yolanda Madden was on the news saying she had been set up. She said a criminal informant planted drugs on her. The FBI called her Ice Queen. That's what made me notice. What if all the while they were looking for Ice Cream instead? Due to ebonics, I could see the mistake. Or were they looking for a patsy to cover for Jackson again? It all leads back to the same place.

Tony Chavez lost his license to practice law when he was convicted of international drug smuggling and sent to federal prison. As a matter of fact, that's when Yolanda's troubles first began. When she hired Chavez. The judge that allowed him to regain his law license commented, "I know the Chavez family. I know his boys. The fruit doesn't fall far from the tree."

Then his son Brian Chavez and his buddies break in to a home on 36th St. and beat up the people that lived there. Was that a drug deal gone bad? A few months later a few doors down from the house on 36th St., police found a huge amount of drugs. Is that what Chavez was looking for?

It seems in Ector County it's not what you know, but who. Bobby Bland had to recuse himself from the Chavez case because they're longtime friends. Careful Bob, we're judged by the company we keep.